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Ready To Smile Again?

Are You Ready to Smile Again, Katy?

There are people who refrain from smiling at all costs. Are you one of those who covers their mouth when laugh? Do you keep your mouth closed when someone takes a picture of you? Have you been hiding unattractive teeth for years? At Crabtree Dental in Katy TX, we can help! If you are missing…

Regular Cleanings And Heart Health

Katy Dental News Regular Cleanings And Heart Health

Visiting Crabtree Dental in Katy for semiannual dental checkups and cleanings can seem inconvenient and unnecessary at times. But you may benefit in ways you never imagined. A recent study showed that people who have their teeth professionally cleaned at least once every two years were 24 percent less likely to have a heart attack,…

5 Ways To Floss Daily

Porcelain veneers Katy

If you have tried to work daily flossing into your dental health routine but can’t seem to make it a habit, this post is for you. In this blog post from Crabtree Dental in Katy, we’ll give you a few ideas for unique times to floss, so you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.…

Hiding Your Smile? Crabtree Dental Can Help

cost of dental crowns Katy

Some people feel that their smile is not an asset, so they do their best to keep it hidden. Pictures, funny movies, jokes, hilarious internet videos—none of these can induce a smile or laugh. If this sounds familiar, then maybe you would like some specifics about complete smile makeovers from Crabtree Dental in Katy. Don’t…

Gum Health Affects Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

gum disease increases diabetes risk Katy

At Crabtree Dental in Katy TX, we are concerned not only with the condition of your mouth, but also with how it influences your complete physical health and general well-being. This post looks at the connection between diabetes and oral health and may be of interest to anyone with diabetes as well those who are…


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