Replacing Your Teeth

Contemporary solutions for replacing your teeth.

a young couple hugging with bushes in the background after an extraordinary visit to crabtree dental in katy texasSometimes restoring your teeth with a filling, root canal, or crown is not an option; when this is so there is no need to lose hope. Several options in modern dentistry can be utilized to replace your teeth. Missing teeth can be replaced through modern dental procedures such as bridges, implants, dentures or a combination of these options. Our goal is for your prosthetic teeth to look and feel as natural as your own. We can help you decide which option or combination of options will best restore your smile.

In this section, you will learn about services we offer when your teeth need replacing. These include:

We believe the highest priority should be given to restoring teeth. If your teeth are in need of restoration rather than replacement, we offer the following services.

Restoring your teeth

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