Should I Really Toss the Floss?

You’ve probably heard the recent news reports that flossing was dropped as a recommended practice from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans this year. Many people have interpreted this to mean that flossing is no longer important, but Dr. Crabtree and his staff still believe flossing is an important part of daily dental hygiene. Every day they see how the use of floss benefits their patients. Why was floss tossed out of the Dietary Guidelines? The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are chiefly nutritional guidelines, … read more →

Showcasing our Dental Practice

In the past, it was possible to choose your family dentist in Katy by “walking your fingers” through the yellow pages.  Today, your fingers search for that information on the internet.  It was less than ten years ago that we established a practice website.  Last year, the marketing team at Pushfire informed us our site was in desperate need of an upgrade.  They told us that over 50% of internet users were using phones or tablets and that our website should … read more →